Friday, March 14, 2008

080314 Dinner with Brother (Ex-colleague)

Heard that my beloved Ex gonna register as married with her BF. Worst still, its my GF that told me & at the same time ask me how do I feel hearing this... disappointed? For real..I don't know.. and I denied her question.

After dinner, we went for mid-night show.. Saw the ads for The Chronicles of Narnia.. Prince Caspian. This makes me recalled the previous episode that I'd watched together with my Ex.. How wonderful that moment was.. There were few more movies that we'd watched together that the moment were so sweet that I can still remember.. : Charlie and the chocolate factory, Firewall, The myths..

Gosh, lots of our favorite past-time were recalled.. our conversation.. sharing of thoughts.. : once she told me that if I stir & pull the hot porridge so much then it will become watery very soon; if I found myself having difficulties to go to the toilet for some time..try to finger push massage my belly 2 finger's width away from the centre alternately.. these were all useful thought i learnt.. I miss those moment so much.. But the chances to witness it again are closer to never as time goes by.. (sigh & sobbing)

Saturday, August 4, 2007

070804 Off Day in the airport parking

10.34am: After dropping off my friends at the airport, feeling like wanting to call somebody out for a drink or so.. no doubt, there's only 1 particular person on my mind.. its her. . so, i take the courage to sent her an sms, as usual.. keeping my finger crossed..wishing that i'll get a reply

Beeps. . .i got an incoming messages.. wow..she replied me.. Well, i tried to ask her out for brunch.. and she rejected the invitation :-(

But some how she changed her mind when i said i got stories to tell & i'm looking for a person who is kind enough to listen it.. at this moment, i felt like the luckiest guy on the planet earth..

Appointment set at 1pm..

1.45pm: I can see her in a bright pink tee..she gave me a big smile(same old big smile) when she saw me.. then we went to Dome cafe.. at the cafe we chatted for a while..something like half an hour or so before her friend(she suppose to be working on a market research at the mall's entrance) joined us..

All along the while..after getting to know that she already had a boyfriend..i'm wondering how were they doing in relationship..(song by M2M comes to my mind :"PRE CHORUS 1= Did I lose(give up) my love to someone better And does he love you like I do I do you know I really really do...PRE-CHORUS 2 =And we were letting go of something special Something we'll(i will) never have again I know, I guess I really really know )

as the conversation carry comes the gal's talk.. and from there i noticed that her bf loves her so much that he would do virtually everything that he could and afford to do.. fabulous!!(so, now i got my question answered.. )
Beside that, they both were doing well in their career, which is really important.. in fact they even planned to buy a 3 storey link-house worthing RM600k over nearby Phoenix.. (this couple were well blessed..)

so, they were working hard enough onto that plan.. working, saving, investing.. oops, i heard this word 'FX investment' utmost favorite in all the investment vehicles available in the market..well i wonder whether there's an opportunity for me to be of help..

6.30pm: Chit chat dismissed. .she went for a steamboat dinner while i went back home..

i talk to myself.. nah..i dare not say i can teach or coach them anything about the subject..cos i'm nowhere a successful trader or investor yet, despite traded the instrument for so many donkey years..(in fact i'm still having tens of thousand of RM in debts :-l) but instead i'm just an ongoing learner...hehe, look..there's 1 thing that i'm so certain of, a concept which i just happened to came accross recently..will be of great help..i'm not talking about being able to purchase a 3 storey link-house over night, which is somewhat impossible.. but it can be used as a blueprint to early retirement if you work it out properly, let alone a 3 storey nice.. dont u think so? Absolutely!!

7.30pm: i sms her to confirm whether she is serious in the forex investment..
the replies..positive!!

"Forex Investment Talk"
9.45pm: we met again and this time.. purely business

As i explained and presented the whole idea of the trading system on how to capture profits without any guesswork in the forex market.. i was amazed by the inteligence and the knowledge within her on this subject.. gosh..i never knew that!!

I guided her on how to open up both a free trial account & demo account.. with the proprietary software provider & the brokerage firm.. before leaving

. . .on my way back home.. i talked to myself:" my friend, i wish you best of luck in whatever u got my blessing and full support..and dont forget to be happy..always. . .".. "i'm gonna MISS YOU..forever " . . .and all of a tears started to drop :'(

Thursday, August 2, 2007

20070731 Waiting in the car at Bt.11

10am: Sitting in the car, prepared to attend to a sales call on 27th Jul 07 (Fri).

10.03am: Customer never answer my call.

10.05am: thinking of a long lost friend. . Since when? Hmm. . Perhaps right after CNY 2006. . maybe due to the proximity between her house & my customer's place. . wondering whether shall i send her an sms? Will she reply..? I do not know. .

10.11am: Calling customer again.. no answer again.

10.12am: (affections take over) Typing text messages. . "Good morning. . Long time no c. . How r u?"

10.13am: will she reply my sms? still hates me..?(hopefully not.. what can i do beside keeping my finger crossed?)

10.15am: My hp beeps. . incoming sms. . goshhh. .!! she replied. . ". . .saying she lost her hp weeks ago. . asking who am i?". . .

10.38am: went up to customer's office. . prospect not in. . sitting & waiting. .

10.48am: inviting her for lunch. . goshhh. . she agreed meet on 1.30pm..!! she dont hate me. .? am i forgiven?.. anyway, exact venue are stil pending to be confirmed.

10.55am: waiting at lobby like nobody business. . wandering around. . feels so excited. .somehow felt guilty. . full of regrets.. (what is it that so exciting? am i dreaming or what? . .)

10.58am: how was she getting? ..good? ..ok? ..still study or working already? . .got bf or single still?

11am: (hey hey.. what am i doing? am i a daydream freak.. ?) i'm getting crazy...out of my mind!! arrghhh. .

11.05am: at last the customer called back. . saying he's on his way to the office.. (thanks god)

11.28am: customer turned up. . demo started. . .